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Email marketing
Email Marketing is Still Your Very Best Tool

Every once in awhile I see ridiculous articles that like to say email marketing is dead. That has got to be the furthest thing from the truth. Email marketing is still a powerful tool that can help your business grow in a consistent manner. Are...

Social Media Marketing
Powerful Social Media Marketing

Every business needs a powerful social media marketing strategy. Get yours here and put it into action today....

marketing plan template
The Only Marketing Plan Template You’ll Ever Need

If you're in business for yourself or managing a business, you know that you need a marketing plan. Marketing plan templates get talked about all the time, but what are they really? Here's a simple definition to keep you on track: A marketing plan template is...

5 Copy Deck Secrets the Pros Use
5 Copy Deck Secrets the Pros Use

When I first heard the term Copy Deck I wasn't sure exactly what that meant. If you're a visual thinker like me, you may find your mind wandering off and you might start thinking about a literal deck. That's actually not such a bad idea....