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5 Copy Deck Secrets the Pros Use
5 Copy Deck Secrets the Pros Use

When I first heard the term Copy Deck I wasn't sure exactly what that meant. If you're a visual thinker like me, you may find your mind wandering off and you might start thinking about a literal deck. That's actually not such a bad idea....

Grungy technical blueprint illustration on blue background
My Daily Routine (the Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Success)

Do you ever read a blog or follow someone on social media and wonder what their daily routine is like? I was recently inspired to write this post after reading my friend Ray’s post about his morning routine. I believe that our daily habits make...

Do You Really Need a Degree? (What Billionaires Teach Us)

Yesterday I stumbled across Forbes Billionaire List and started reading more about the names I recognized. Forbes recently added a “self made” rating to show if someone is a self made billionaire, or if they are just the recipient of family money, or something else...

Colleagues in business meeting
The 5 Biggest Barriers to Your Daily Success in Business

Success finds us in the small moments, the unsuspecting moments and in the quiet habits of daily life. So, where does failure find us? In the same sneaky locations that we’ve managed to overlook for such a long time that we can no longer see...

Content Marketing
12 Months of Content Marketing in One Simple Guide

Content marketing is one of the most important activities that any business can engage in. When it comes down to planning out what you should talk about and how to deliver the content, many businesses get stuck. Today I am going to give you a...