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Today I Feel Stuck (5 Steps to Get Unstuck)

Today I feel stuck. Stuck in a rut, and there’s no real reason for me to feel that way. Everything is moving along well. Life is good, business is good, my family is safe, healthy and happy, and still I feel this way. Do you...

Tire Track
Dan Whiting Said to Brake Check Yourself

A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting with a friend of mine Dan Whiting. Dan has been operating a successful retail store for years now and as he and I walked around his store, we talked about a lot of different areas...

Web development concept: Gears and Web Development with optical
This Is Why Your Web Developer Quit on You (and How to Fix It)

Have you ever had a development project that went poorly? Did your developer quit on you or give up the project unexpectedly? I can imagine that it was a very painful, frustrating and expensive experience for you. It’s probably one that both you and your...